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REVIEW: Come and be tangled in Leslie Hudson’s ‘The Redhead League’


‘The Redhead League’ is an eclectic and exhilaratingly addictive concept album of songs about red-haired female comic book heroes. Leslie Hudson brings these characters alive with passion, angst and a depth that you might not have thought possible for some of them, and in this she is aided by an A-team roster of guest musicians who add their considerable talents to the mix.

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Shadows gather in V.E. Schwab’s ‘A Gathering of Shadows’

(Cover by Will Staehle/Tor)

The pace of 'A Gathering of Shadows' is slow up until the final pages when we get, in V.E. Schwab’s words, “the dreaded cliffhanger.” This makes it difficult to assess 'A Gathering of Shadows' for we won't know whether Schwab succeeded or failed until (at least) the third book in the series. But I’m certainly going to read it to find out.

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