5 dogs eating with human hands videos

There’s a new “dog eating with his human hands” video making the rounds on social media.

The Internet tends to have a short-term memory, so it’s probably already forgotten, but there are actually quite a lot of these kinds of videos out there. So I took the opportunity to compile a list of the greatest masterworks you must see before you die.

Fudge Pigs Out

This is the newest one I mentioned. It’s called “Fudge Pigs Out.” The red hoodie on the black lab looks convincing, and the fitting is better done than in some other videos. Perhaps more laugh-inducing than the dog itself, ¬†though, is the high-pitched laughter in the background. The video maker’s son or daughter?

Odin Eating Like a Person

Odin’s a great name for a dog, and this one’s impeccably dressed to boot. If you’ve ever fed a dog peanut butter, you know what happens. Also pretty well done, though the incessant, “It’s so funny,” by some guy in the background starts to get a bit annoying.

Dog Eating Corn

Lower in production value, this indie sleeper makes up for it with originality by having the dog eat corn instead of chips or peanut butter.

Two Dogs Dining

This one takes the gimmick to a whole other level complete with a soundtrack simulating a restaurant environment and not just one but TWO dogs. The simulation of waiting and being bored is a nice touch, and the dogs are impressively trained to not eat until fed by the owners’ hands. Goes on a bit too long, though.

Cat Eating With Hands

Because cats can eat with human hands too. Proportionally, this one doesn’t look convincing at first but if you just kinda stare at it in a dazed sorta way it works. Mercifully short.

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  1. John Kim

    Number 4 might just be the classiest thing I’ve ever seen. Haha.

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