5 Netflix hacks while social distancing

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After several weeks of quarantine, my go-to sources of entertainment online began to get a little stale. I found myself wishing memories of cherished movies could be suppressed so I could enjoy them anew, Carol Danvers style (but less dark).

Fortunately, we don’t need to go to that extent in the quest to change things up. Here, I’ll share five fab Netflix hacks to enhance your streaming experience, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Let’s begin with the fun stuff, and then talk about how you can tweak and refine your settings for the ultimate marathon. 

1. Travel Via Your Screen

The first hack grants you the opportunity to explore the world. Well, at least the parts of it where Netflix is a thing. If you’re desperate for travel and adventure, you can go on a virtual tour with a simple VPN download on your device. If you weren’t already aware, Netflix is available in over 190 countries, and the content varies depending on location. 

With your VPN, you can get stuck into a classic film from Hong Kong or discover that a blockbuster you’ve been dying to see is already available in another region. With Netflix’s full catalog at your fingertips, it’s a little far-fetched to imagine running out of things to watch. 

2. Physical Distancing not Social

The second way to spice up your streaming is by switching Netflix from a solo activity to a group one. If you’re lamenting the loss of your series-rewatch fests with your friends, use the Netflix Party extension to host viewing parties — with the advantage of not having to get dressed to host! 

Netflix Party allows you and your buddies to watch the same film or episode in-sync. And there’s a group-chat feature so that you can discuss everything in real-time. You also have the option of spamming mates with emojis and GIFs to express yourself for when there are no words. 

3. Luck of the Draw

Hack number three is to eliminate the burden of choosing what to watch with Netflix Roulette. If your problem is scouring titles only to pick The Office for the eight-millionth time, leave the decision-making to someone else. By that, I mean the Netflix Roulette that allows you to put in a few criteria and then presents you with the next movie or TV show you’ll be watching. 

You can choose your preferred genre or go out of your comfort zone with something entirely off the wall. There’s also the option to only receive suggestions in-line with a set IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes rating if you want to be ultra-selective. 

Now you can watch anything on Netflix anywhere in the world, share viewing parties with your nearest and dearest, and shouldn’t have to agonize over what to watch. These last two hacks will help you to smooth things out: don’t worry, no technical knowledge required. 

4. HD All the Way

Watching at a low resolution can spoil awesome visual effects, especially if you’re at a key point in the plot. Imagine watching Deadpool quip and cut his way through an epic slow-motion fight scene… only to have the image blur like it’s 2002 because you forgot you disabled HD while you were on data.

Make sure all your profiles are set to play in HD automatically. If you’re on the single-screen SD plan, consider upgrading so you can enjoy the action in crystal clear definition. 

It looks like we’re in this for the long haul, and social distancing protocols aren’t going to ease off anytime soon. Hopefully, these hacks will keep Netflix fresh for you — and stop you from rewatching your favorites into oblivion while you’re stuck indoors.

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