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Pop Mythology’s 10 Best Films of 2023

  “Post-pandemic” is a very interesting term. Not only is it deceiving in that covid is still prevalent and threatening, but it also implies that we as people living during this time have reached a new era. Sadly, this doesn’t entirely seem to be the case as the few positive …

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REVIEW: ‘The Suicide Squad’ knows it’s expendable

Just because something is gory or violent or cruel, doesn't mean it's enjoyable, or even necessary. And just because a filmmaker has crafted one excellent, fun, well-written film franchise, doesn't mean everything that filmmaker does will be equally brilliant.

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Pop Mythology’s Top 10 Films of 2017

top 10 movies of 2017

Not to start off on a sour note but many events in 2017 have reaffirmed my commitment to living outside of the United States. As much as this placement has made it easy to exist beyond the reach of current domestic turbulence, it’s also made it difficult in the last …

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