Anne Rice encourages her fans to watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

If you follow Anne Rice on her official Facebook page, then you probably know that she is a big fan of television, watches a lot of it, and often starts discussions about this or that show on her page. It’s pretty apparent from all her postings that outside of the printed word (of which she shares an aptitude for with her literary colleague, Margaret Atwood), TV is her favorite medium. TV is also further close to her heart in that with the annulment of Universal Pictures’ plan to reboot the Vampire Chronicles films, her new dream for her books has been to have them adapted into a TV series.

Anne is also known for being outspoken with her liberal political viewpoints so it wasn’t surprising, then – though it was still cool to see – that she would start a discussion about The Handmaid’s Tale on her page yesterday.

And earlier today she posted this reminder for her fans to tune into the show.

It looks like at the time of the post above she wasn’t yet aware of exactly when the first string of episodes would be available. She later realized that three of the first episodes were already available on Hulu (they were available since 12 a.m., Easter time, April 26) and announced that she’d be watching them soon.

Thanks to Anne Rice for repeatedly bringing attention to what we feel is the best and most important show this year! I wonder if she has ever met Margaret Atwood?

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