Applied Geekism: the week in positive geek news 03/22/15

Since it’s hard to find a collection of strictly news items that pertain to Applied Geekism, starting this week we’re also going to mention thought pieces that embody Applied Geekism (for the definition of that term, see here). So, for example, a blog post mentioned here that discusses Taoism within the framework of Star Wars is obviously a thought piece, not a news item. But we’re going to include that kind of content as well.

You know… when I first started this site a few years back, there were still only a small handful of people to my knowledge who were writing content that could be considered #AppliedGeekism. Dr. Travis Langley (see below) was one of them. And, with all due humility, so was I in my own small way. But now, increasingly, I am seeing more and more of it out there. And for the most part, I am pleased about it.

Watching The Walking Dead is good for your braaaains


An article on talks about Dr. Travis Langley (@Superherologist) and his recent work regarding the psychological benefits of watching The Walking Dead. The article has spoilers galore for  Season 5, of which I still haven’t seen a single episode, and so loving the show (and comic) as much as I do, I haven’t read the article yet.

However, I am a fan of Dr.  Langley, have been following his work for some time, and have his book Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight in e-format on my Kindle, a book that is quintessential Applied Geekism. This being the case, and having my own archetypal approach to TWD, I can pretty much guess as to the kinds of things he would have to say about the show. And if my guesses are right, and if you too like the show, you should definitely check out the article. 

Star Wars Night and Toronto Marlies helping Sick Kids

(via The Toronto Marlies Twitter page)

Not a week goes by, it seems, in which some branch of the 501st Legion or other isn’t involved in something very cool and good. In a cross promotion between the Toronto ComicCon (@TorontoComiCon) and the Toronto Marlies (@TorontoMarlies), the 501st Canadian Garrison (FB fan page) came by the Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto, on Mar. 20th to lend a helping hand at #MarliesStarWarsNight in which a portion of ticket sales will be donated to the Sick Kids Foundation (@SickKidsNews). We at Pop Mythology are especially proud of the robed padawan pictured above dropping the puck. That’s Helena Kirk, Sick Kids ambassador, cancer survivor, daughter of Pop Mythology writer Captain Kirk and my April Hero of the Month from last year.

Waking up to Kevin Bacon and eggs

Normally, the mere presence of a famous actor, even one as cool as Kevin Bacon, wouldn’t be enough to merit inclusion into an Applied Geekism roundup, but this promo video from promoting the nutritional merits of the humble egg is so amusingly awkward that it deserves a mention. Now, depending on your personal dietary philosophy, you may take moral issue with eggs and that’s fair, but even vegetarian activist and health author Dr. Gary Null, in his book Egg Project, has stated that eggs are like the perfect protein, so the nutritional claims in any event are sound.

Sesame Street and Cookie Monster show you how to really unpack a box

Sesame Street  has been practicing Applied Geekism way before anyone. And they’re still at it. Here in this parody of  unboxing videos on YouTube, Cookie Monster manages to turn the ultra-banal act of unpacking a box into something educational and fun for kids of all ages.

 May the Tao be with you, always


Over on Coffee With Kenobi is a guest post by Joshua Whitson discussing the mythology of the Force from within the context of Taoism. While I can’t say I agree with everything about the article in regards to Taoism, I nevertheless applaud any sincere efforts of Applied Geekism, and the article does make some good, easy-to-understand points about balance.

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