Magical animals visit this artist in her forest home 

Jayne Siroshton is an artist who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Apparently, as is sometimes wont to happen when you live in the woods, she is sometimes visited by various of the forest’s denizens – perhaps looking for food or perhaps really just paying their human neighbor a visit!
Siroshton then paints her visitors, but not without first transforming them into magical animals out of some children’s fantasy book, complete with whimsical names like Jack Fogg and Dr. Fredrick Foxton. Stare at these paintings long enough and you really start to feel a story coalescing around these creatures.
Appropriately enough, Siroshton has, in fact, written a book starring these characters. It’s called Rookscroft, Book 1: All Feathers and Hatsand if you like what you see here, you can check it out as well as Siroshton’s official site,, and her Facebook page. 

Jack Fogg


Dr Fredrick Foxton




Oleg the Magnificent

Aunty Winnie Knitting


Rookscroft, Book 1: All Feathers and Hats


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