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Andrea Sefler
Andrea is a consultant and technical writer for various scientific software and instrumentation companies. She has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Berkeley and has never met a genre of music or books that she hasn’t liked. As a gamer since the days of the Apple II, Andrea can relate any number of hair-raising tales about role-playing games stored on 360 kB 5.25” floppy disks and may, someday, put them to paper.

12 MORE book series to binge read during the holidays

A few years back we posted a list of 12 book series for your binge-reading pleasure during the holiday break. But most of us avid book readers are always trolling around for the next good find to curl up with, particularly in the winter.  And sometime one book just wets our appetites for more, so we're going to suggest another set of 12 book series from our personal favorites. 

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REVIEW: ‘Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes’ includes Toby the Dog – ’nuff said!

Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes - thumbnail

Devotees of Sherlock Holmes fan fiction have a great way to celebrate the fall equinox this year, with a new collection of short stories out by Titan Books entitled Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes, a follow up to 2016's well-received Associates of Sherlock Holmes.

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REVIEW: ‘Matchup’ doubles the pleasure of summer reading

matchup - thumbnail

'Matchup' is the literary equivalent to walking into a Ben & Jerry’s and sampling almost every flavor before deciding which one to load up your waffle cone up with. The thrill of meeting your favorite, well-known characters in unique circumstances is also akin to discovering something interesting and new about a long-time friend.

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REVIEW: Luke Rhinehart and his hairy balls want to save humanity in ‘Invasion’

luke rhinehart invasion thumbnail

Luke Rhinehart, author of the cult classic 'The Dice Man,' depicts an invasion of hairy balls from outer space who want to save humanity from themselves. While this is a frequently visited theme, it is Rhinehart's trademark humor and social and political incisiveness that make 'Invasion' stand out among other alien invasion stories.

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‘The Young Messiah’ is capable but doesn’t reach the novel’s heights


The movie adaptation of Anne Rice's 'Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt' covers all the major theological events in the book and is filled with competent acting and directing. But it lacks the sumptuous sensory experience that Rice's beautiful prose brings to the book. Still, the movie touches upon many points both humanistic and religious and would make a good film for families to see together.

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‘The One’ is every bit as engrossing as ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘Divergent’


'The One' is a wonderfully imagined YA series that is every bit as engrossing as 'The Hunger Games' or 'Divergent' series. But it has an edge of sophistication over other series in its sci-fi conception and elements of conflict, and it explores more complex issues of power than the average series. This is highly recommended reading for adult and young adult readers alike.

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