Bec Heim

Bec Heim
Rebecca “Bec” Heim is currently a senior and English major at the University of Scranton. After graduation, she hopes to obtain an M.A. in Film Studies and Screenwriting. In addition to her work at Pop Mythology, she is a Senior Editor at FYE News and the sole writer of the Glee Rewatch Project. Previously, she was the Managing Editor at PopWrapped. She hopes to one day create her own television shows and put her fangirl energy to good use.

Shocking revelations and deadly dealings in Sherlock, ‘His Last Vow’


Overall, I give Season 3 of Sherlock five stars. With some minor faults in the episodes, the overall arc of the season showed something amazing: Sherlock Holmes’ heart. The season was about emotion over intellect. Sherlock Holmes may be a “high-functioning sociopath” but clearly he has learned to love.

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