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Captain John K. Kirk

Captain John K. Kirk
John Kirk is an English and History teacher and librarian in Toronto, Canada. In addition to the traditional curriculum, John tries to teach his students to make sense of geek culture. And with the name "J. Kirk," it's hard for him to not inject "Star Trek" into his lessons. Comics, RPGs and the usual fanboy gear make up his classroom resources.

‘The Mercenary Sea, Vol. 1’: a pulp treasure as precious as the one its swashbuckling hero seeks


I've said this before in my singe issue reviews of The Mercenary Sea, but this is one of the best titles out there. In fact, I don't mean to boast, but if you look on the back cover of this trade paperback you'll see a quote from a previous review by yours truly in which I rave about how much I love it.

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Getting schooled on cosplay at Fan Expo Canada by Yaya Han, Ivy Doomkitty, Nadyasonika & Kay Pike


To get a better sense of the emerging art form of cosplay, I sat down with four career cosplayers at Fan Expo Canada this week to get a sense of why they pursue this pop culture pastime. In the end, I came away with a better sense of what it’s about and a new appreciation for the different levels of enjoyment these professional artists possess.

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Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Week: Sinestro #5


Take a look at Sinestro #5, written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Dale Eaglesham. I love the idea of a villain getting his own comic title (very retro seventies approach) but I love seeing Dale’s work leap out at me from the page. It’s simply stellar and I can’t allow this title to get ignored.

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Hypnotic, mesmerizing ‘The Memory Collectors’ isn’t read – it’s experienced


'The Memory Collectors' is a work of superior quality that demands a reader’s full attention. You can go back and re-read this comic over and over again to gain the full effect of the various selected sensory experiences. The hypnotic appeal of the art is this comic’s greatest strength and, in those moments when you are contemplating its various effects, don’t be surprised if you experience the effect of being contemplated yourself.

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