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Captain John K. Kirk

Captain John K. Kirk
John Kirk is an English and History teacher and librarian in Toronto, Canada. In addition to the traditional curriculum, John tries to teach his students to make sense of geek culture. And with the name "J. Kirk," it's hard for him to not inject "Star Trek" into his lessons. Comics, RPGs and the usual fanboy gear make up his classroom resources.

Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Week: Lazarus #9


Lazarus is a completely unique story. The post-apocalyptic setting is completely acceptable; the characters are not only compelling but also amazingly detailed. In fact, everything about this comic is fully detailed, even down to the fake product ads inside or sometimes on the exterior of the comic.

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‘New Visions: The Mirror, Cracked’ revisits a new Star Trek story in an old format


Whoever picks this up will not be disappointed. It’s simply a book that demands to be read and one that will catapult you back to the days of your youth, or introduce the characters and stories of the original series to a younger audience and take its place alongside other great Star Trek stories for a new generation.

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‘Someplace Strange’ is a marvelous envisioning of a child’s fears and how he overcomes that fear


Someplace Strange is a marvelous envisioning of what a child fears. It also allows us the opportunity to see how a child overcomes that fear. The secret to a child`s resilience does not lie simply in his youth, but in a kid`s capacity to problem-solve.

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Fearless Fred’s ‘The Fourth Planet’: a product of diversity in creativity


The Fourth Planet is a product of eclectic and diverse inspirational backgrounds and a passion that can only be fuelled by “one who knows.” It’s really a testament to the variety of sci-fi and comic influences that are being applied in the creation of this comic and, at the same time, an individual story of great merit that speaks to the power of listening to that creative voice.

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Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Week: Moon Knight #4

Moon Knight is an amazing book. It doesn’t try to lift itself to lofty heights and doesn’t try to impress its readers with some pretentious grand quest. In this day and age of grand publishing events, a series of encapsulated adventures are just what’s needed for us to remember what good comic story telling is.

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Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Pulls: The Fuse #4


Image Comics is really making an impact with its cadre of creator-owned titles. It’s a great publishing decision: shared credit for innovative talent and a diverse publishing list. Sure, it’s not a huge money-maker, but over time, the risk-taking will pay off in allowing new talent to rise to the forefront and the money will come.

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Eric M. Esquivel shows sympathy for the devil in ‘Loki: Ragnarok and Roll’

If you get the chance, pick up Loki: Ragnarok and Roll. It’s a grittier representation of the Norse Pantheon that taps into the true violent nature of the Viking culture while also serving up a delicious slice of sardonic humour on the side. You can laugh at these gods instead of having their nobility and heroism rammed down your throat.

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