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Patrick Renfrow has no literary training whatsoever. In fact, if he manages to string more than three coherent words together, he deems it "prose". But as a rabid gamer and self-proclaimed pop culture savant, he has found a home among kindred souls on Pop Mythology.

Lenore – Purple Nurples (Vol. 5) │ Review


If Tim Burton, Edgar Allan Poe, The Cure's Robert Smith, and the creative team behind South Park getting together to hash out ideas for a collaborative Seussian "children's" book sounds like a match made in Heck to you, then 'Lenore' is the comic you've been praying for.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us


'Injustice: Gods Among Men' is a beautiful and brilliantly executed game that puts control of a clash of the titans in your hands, and is as close to feeling like a superhero that you can get this side of extreme steroid abuse and a gallon of Red Bull. You WILL kneel before Zod.

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While it fills my dark little heart with glee to know that Vincent Price's legacy of horror is still going strong 20 years after his death, 'Vincent Price Presents' is a jumbled mess of a comic series does not do it justice.

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Pacific Rim: The Video Game


'Pacific Rim: The Video Game' is SO bad, I'm pretty sure that for every minute you play it, a kitten somewhere dies. It's the arcade equivalent of shoving $10 worth of quarters up your ass. Enjoy!

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Deadpool – Review

Playing 'Deadpool' is like listening to a shock jock DJ: it’s pure grindhouse gaming, designed to hit you with a sensory overload of gore and pitch-black, vulgar humor that's so low-brow that it’s virtually no-brow with visual gags attempting to hide the fact that, much like the character of Deadpool himself, there’s really nobody behind the wheel here.

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Star Trek – Review (PS3)


"Damn it, Jim, I'm a discriminating gamer, not an adulating fanboy!" As so very badly as I wanted to passionately LOVE 'Stark Trek' whose development I‘d been following for what seemed like light years, I’m afraid that my final reactions have left me feeling like quite the Vulcan.

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