Tea Krulos

Tea Krulos is a freelance journalist and author of the new book 'Heroes in the Night' available from Chicago Review Press, which documents the Real Life Superhero (RLSH) movement. He also runs a blog with RLSH news and profiles.

Pretty fly for a daredevil guy: the return of the Human Fly


Marvel Comics billed him as “the wildest superhero ever—because he’s real!” Although the pages of The Human Fly, (1977-78) were fiction, they were indeed loosely based on a mysterious masked man who set out to become the “world’s greatest stuntman” and “the greatest superhero that has ever lived or will live.”

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An Interview With Knight-Hood, Real Life Superhero


For many years, a man has been living a comic book style double life in St. Petersburg, Florida. At night, armed with a gun filled with rubber bullets, a mask adorned with a chess piece symbol, and a stock of supplies, Knight-Hood patrols the streets of St. Petersberg.

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