‘Avengers: Electric Rain’ #1 [English Translation]

The new Korean weekly Avengers web comic (which we’ve previously covered in other posts) has launched to great interest in Korea as of Friday, Oct. 10. The first offering can be found at its homepage at Daum and the first episode can be found here:

The series already has more than 5400 “likes” as of this writing and has been given a user rating of 8.8 out of 10. There are comments ranging from the nasty, as in “Amateur” or “Boy, this guy can’t draw,” to the ecstatic: “Finally, a Marvel comic in Korea” and “Keep up the great work, I’ll be cheering you on.”

Everything about the series feels a bit rushed, and I’m really not crazy about writer-artist Yeong-Hoon Goh’s portrayal of female characters so far and how he’s using them, but it’s the first episode so it’s a bit premature to judge.

In any case, here’s a full translation of the first installment brought to you by Pop Mythology. If people enjoy it we might continue to provide translations of further installments (unless Daum, Marvel or Disney Korea asks us not to!).

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