‘Avengers: Electric Rain’ #15 [English translation]

The fifteenth episode of Avengers: Electric Rain is up and it continues the action-packed second half of the series.

On a side note about the translation, I’ve been translating “알리다 그룹” in Korean as the “Think-Tank Group” (the verb “알리다” meaning to inform or notify, but looking at the building of the group in this episode, and I’ve seen it previously once before now as well, it looks like writer/artist Ko has just been putting the Romanized pronunciation of the word “알리다” on the buildings as “Alida,” like a name. We’ll see how it goes as the translation continues, but I might end up just calling them the “Alida group” instead of the “Think-Tank group” if that seems more appropriate going forward.

avengers-electric-rain-15-01 avengers-electric-rain-15-02 avengers-electric-rain-15-03 avengers-electric-rain-15-04 avengers-electric-rain-15-05

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