Batman is so lonely, so lonely in Texas

Visual artist Rémi Noël is interested in exploring archetypes of the American West. On a recent trip through the state of Texas he places a miniature Batman within the landscape, juxtaposing tropes from different American mythologies, creating a tongue-in-cheek yet melancholy narrative. Batman faced with vast empty expanses, taken out of his element while on a road trip across America, seems to feel insignificant and more than a little bit lonely.

(photo: Rémi Noël)
(photo: Rémi Noël)
(photo: Rémi Noël)
(photo: Rémi Noël)
(photo: Rémi Noël)
(photo: Rémi Noël)


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Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson is a reformed comic junkie, and a lover of the American novel. He writes textbooks now in Seoul, South Korea, and is a firm believer in saying more with...

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