BigWhiteBazooka Photography explodes onto cosplay scene with beautiful new book

ghost in the shell cosplay crystal graziano
Ghost in the Shell (photo: BigWhiteBazooka Photography / cosplayers: Crystal Graziano, Vernedead)

Photographer Eric Ng of Big White Bazooka Photography has a lot to be excited about.

In June 11 this year his Kickstarter campaign to fund his cosplay photo book was a massive success and the book itself is now available for pre-order on or directly on his Facebook page.

Ejen Chuang, author of Cosplay in Americahimself an authority on cosplay photography, acknowledged Ng’s book recently and had this to say on his own Facebook page:

“Most cosplay book (mine included) are just a book of photos. What makes this book more personable is the stories he tells of the concept and his growth as a photographer.”

Ng has been posting sample pics from the book on his Facebook page as well as images from shoots that he does with various cosplayers ongoingly. And as a fan of cosplay I’m definitely eager to pick up my own copy of this gorgeous-looking book.

To make a case in favor of doing so yourself, here are some beautiful images of Ng’s work with different cosplayers including some very popular ones like Nadyasonika and Crystal Graziano. Many of these are from the recent San Diego Comic Con.

**All photos below are by BigWhiteBazooka Photography

ninja gninja gaiden cosplay
Fem Ninja Gaiden (cosplayer: Nadyasonika)
Halo Hayabusa Armor (cosplayer: Impact Props)
mgs laughing beauty cosplay
Metal Gear Solid – Laughing Beauty (cosplayer: Crystal Graziano)
Beserk (cosplayer: Junkers Cosplay Inc.)
m bison cammy mashup cosplay
Street Fighter – M. Bison Cammy mashup (cosplayer: Lyz Brickley Cosplay)
killing floor_mr foster cosplay
Killing Floor – Mr. Foster (cosplayer: Todd Graziano)
diablo III wizard
Diablo III wizard (cosplayer: Doremi cosplayer of Spiral Cats Team)
hyperdimension neptunia cosplay
Hyperdimension Neptunia (cosplayer: Boomie of Strawberry Censor Cosplay)

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