Black Panther: It takes a false myth of millions to hold you back

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[Warning: This post will contain spoilers for Black Panther.] I write about myth mostly as a positive, creative force, and I believe that when we relate to myth in a certain way it can be indeed be a force for good.  But myth is a human creation and like most human creations it is not inherently good or bad but can be used for both. And the truth is that there is undoubtedly a dark side to myth. Here I should clarify what I mean by “myth” since the word is used in multiple ways. I mean “myth” in the following two ways: A narrative story. The Black Panther movie and comics are an example. A subjective idea (true or false) that does not require a story to carry it. While it may not have a plot, this type of myth is still, in a way, a “story.” Both...
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