BlerDCon 2017 to celebrate diversity in geek culture


There’s hardly a shortage of cons in the geek fandom world, but if you look closely, you’ll see a newcomer that celebrates its entire fandom – including the minority members whose contributions are many.

BlerDCon ( will be the first convention of its kind highlighting and showcasing the significant contributions of Black, Latino, and Asian POCs, as well as women, the disabled and LGBTQ nerds. A committee including DC Anime Club, Nerdtino, and POC Cosplayers have curated a weekend of events that will include panels, celebrity guests, presentations, workshops, gaming tournaments, cosplay contests, music and dance.

Featured Guests include Bryan Newton (Director, The Adventures of Rick and Morty), Jay Funk (Doctor Strange), and Panterona Cosplay.

blerdcon panterona cosplay

Blerdcon founder Hilton George, a self-identified “blerd” (black nerd), was fairly new to cosplay when he got the idea for BlerDCon. He loved the diversity he saw at cons – he just didn’t see the audience reflected in the panels and the guests. “What would happen if the Blerds threw a con and everybody came? What would you want to have and how would you want to share all this diversity with everybody? The intersectionality of the LGBTQ community, people of color, people with disabilities, veterans, international fans, it’s so interwoven that everyone who will be there will have some connection to it,” he said. “Exclusively inclusive! It’s in the title.”

The inaugural BlerDCon takes place June 30 – July 2 at the Crystal City Hyatt in Arlingon, Virginia. Visit for more info!

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