[Cosplay] Callie Cosplay as famous icons of horror

(all images: photos by David Love Photography / cosplay by Callie Cosplay)

Okay, horror fans, I’ve got a visual treat for you.

Last week I featured new cosplay by Jessica LG in which she collaborated with David Love Photography and guest cosplayer Callie Cosplay.

This week, I want to spotlight another photo series by David Love, this time with Callie Cosplay as the main player. Together,  they’ve lovingly recreated moments from popular horror movies and television. I’ve only included my personal favorites here but you can find more at the respective Facebook pages of Callie Cosplay and David Love Photography.

Can you name all the movies/shows?





Although I like all the ones I’ve displayed here, I think this one of Carrie is my favorite among them, maybe because I have such a soft spot for the character and the movie.

callie-cosplay-david-love-photography-carrieCosplay: Callie Cosplay
Photography: David Love Photography
Make-up: Elia Lizcano 

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  1. Sorry Man But A Woman Wearing Nothing But A Wig,Soap Bubbles & A Freddy Kruegger’s Glove Is NOT A COSPLAYER…

  2. Hi, Venus, fair enough point. But Callie *is*, in fact, a real cosplayer (check out her page) and therefore I simply labeled the horror photo series as cosplay for convenience and simplicity’s sake. Didn’t know what else to call it. I guess “pictorial” is more accurate. Moreover, the Carrie and Scully definitely qualify as cosplay, imo.

  3. The Only One…Yes…The Rest Is Just Naked Callie …XD… A Lot Of Models Wear Cosumes & People Confuse Them With Cosplayers…But Lately All That Is Posted In Most Cosplay Groups & Blogs Are Almost Naked Girls With A Good Cameraman & Awesome Photshop Editing…http://www.upworthy.com/see-why-we-have-an-absolutely-ridiculous-standard-of-beauty-in-just-37-seconds?g=2&c=reccon1

  4. Yes, I’ve seen this video. I thought it was quite good, informative and useful. I even wrote a post mentioning it. But it’s one thing to expect certain standards of beauty as being something that everyone has to live up to. That, I believe, can be hurtful. On the other hand, I hope people can be careful about slipping to the other extreme and hating on those creators/artists who do just happen to have bodies that the rest of us might consider unrealistic. It’s not wrong to not have bodies like that; it’s not wrong to have bodies like that either. Nor is it wrong to create images like that because there *is* a demand and an audience for them. The important thing is diversity. Is it the *only* thing being shown? Then we have a problem. But if there’s a diversity of images, then none of them are right or wrong. They just are. And it’s up to people to choose to view the ones they personally like or enjoy. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Good…Then It’s Time To Show Chubby Cosplay Models…And Maybe Other Cosplayes With More Fabric On Their Outfits So We Don’t Loose The Perspective On Realistic People ( Artists Included) & Bring A More Acurate Perspective For The Mass Media Instead Of Showing Only The Skinny Ladies With Some Propps Them…All That I Know Is That Instead Of Showing The Hard Work Of a Cosplayer With An Magnificent Outfit & The Real Similitude Of A Character That Goes Beyond The Unrealistic Perspective Of A Drawing…All That We See Lately Are Altered Photos Of Almost Naked Girls That Would Fit Perfectly For A Mechanic Garage Or A Truckers Station…XD

  6. And Don’t Forget The Male Cosplayers Too…XD

  7. Niiiice…But These Ones Have Way More Fabric Than The Lady On Your Post…Waaaaay More Fabric…Save For Scully Of Course.XD

    • Lee Robinson

      VenusLuis, You seem to take serious offence to the woman in the post. CallieCosplay, describing herself as a cosplayer. I must admit that I’m not part of this community and can see why you might have a problem with her pictures from a feminist point of view. I don’t find them very interesting either just polished. And I can appreciate the work that went into them. However, I don’t understand how such a narrow definition of cosplay can exist? If the person in question wants to reference pop culture in her images through the use of juxtaposition and, well, costume, is she not allowed to call herself a cospalyer? I guess I’m curious to know what exactly a cosplayer is then?

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