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Hero Wisdom

Articles probing popular fiction for embedded wisdom from a Campbellian/Jungian perspective.

Becoming a Man (or Woman) of Steel


Being a true Man or Woman of Steel has little to do with physical or political might and everything to do with mental, emotional and spiritual strength, and this strength, moreover, isn't about aggression, ruthlessness or machismo but the transformation of our weakness and vulnerability into virtue.

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Thor: Claiming Your Godhood

One of the central ideas of this blog is that superheroes are our modern-day gods and demi-gods. They serve many of the same purpose for us as the pantheons of gods served for their respective cultures. I’m speaking here from a cultural and psychological viewpoint, not a theological or metaphysical …

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Arrow: A Quiver Full of Life Lessons

The bow and arrow is one of the most powerful symbols in human history and culture. Nearly every ancient civilization’s mythology has heroes and gods who favored the weapon: Artemis (Greece), Cupid (Rome), Arjuna (India) and Houyi (China). And there are beloved characters from folklore like Robin Hood leading up …

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