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News & articles about pop culture as a tool for positive change, both personal and social.

This little light | a spoken word piece

Silver Surfer

I recently attended a spoken word performance by my friend and Pop Mythology contributor Jess Kroll. I loved his piece, "This Little Light," so much, and thought that it resonated with the themes of this site so well, that I asked him to post it here.

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2012: The Year in Heroism

Every year, as we approach its end, many of the bigger news media outlets typically have retrospective reviews of news highlights from the year with titles like “2012: A Year to Remember” (or something of that sort). Usually, as reported by the bigger news entities, a significant portion of these …

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New York: A City of Superheroes

New York is a city of superheroes. Of course, here follows my usual disclaimer that superheroes are metaphorical archetypes, and so by “superhero,” I don’t mean people with supernatural powers in tights and capes.  I mean regular people demonstrating heroic attributes:  bravery, generosity, compassion, selflessness or often some combination of …

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