Creatures from myth that live inside your home


Household creatures and beings have long been worshiped, and stories about how they can help or hinder everyday life passed down through the generations. Nobody has ever seen them though, so our imaginations run wild picturing them around the home. We love these creative illustrations by Climadoor that depict what these …

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Marvel hip-hop variant covers acknowledge link between comics and music

If you collected comics during the 80s and 90s you might remember some really cheesy comic-music crossovers like the embarrassing Nightcat.  But comics have certainly inspired music quite a bit, particularly the genre of hip-hop where songs often make various kinds of references to comic book characters (“Homie I’ll be …

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Magical animals visit this artist in her forest home 

Jayne Siroshton is an artist who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Apparently, as is sometimes wont to happen when you live in the woods, she is sometimes visited by various of the forest’s denizens – perhaps looking for food or perhaps really just paying their human neighbor a visit! Siroshton then …

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