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REVIEW: Go underground with the preppers for ‘Apocalypse Any Day Now’

Tea Krulos takes another look at eccentric Americans in 'Apocalypse Any Day Now.' As usual, he lets his oddball subjects speak for themselves without rendering overt comment on their beliefs. Krulos’ engagement with this world helps his subjects open up to him and also makes for a more entertaining book than a more conventional, arms-length journalistic exercise. 'Apocalypse Any Day Now' is a fun and funny, but never mocking, dive into the bizarre world of doomsday preppers.

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12 MORE book series to binge read during the holidays

A few years back we posted a list of 12 book series for your binge-reading pleasure during the holiday break. But most of us avid book readers are always trolling around for the next good find to curl up with, particularly in the winter.  And sometime one book just wets our appetites for more, so we're going to suggest another set of 12 book series from our personal favorites. 

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REVIEW: ‘Black Star Renegades’ is an exciting space opera adventure

black star renegades - thumbnail

Acclaimed comics writer Michael Moreci branches out into novel-writing with 'Black Star Renegades,' an homage to 'Star Wars' with a tone a bit more along the lines of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Firefly.' Fans of the genre will not be disappointed, as Moreci has the conventions of space opera down pat. This is an entertaining adventure from start to finish.

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REVIEW: ‘Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes’ includes Toby the Dog – ’nuff said!

Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes - thumbnail

Devotees of Sherlock Holmes fan fiction have a great way to celebrate the fall equinox this year, with a new collection of short stories out by Titan Books entitled Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes, a follow up to 2016's well-received Associates of Sherlock Holmes.

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