Yuletide fear: The 10 best winter ghost stories to read during the holidays

holiday ghost stories

Christmas is actually just as appropriate a time for the supernatural and the macabre as Halloween is, and there’s a deep tradition going way back of telling supernatural tales during the holidays. Thus, in the haunted holiday spirit we offer our list of ten books to read when the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful.

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12 book series to binge read during the holidays

sookie stackhouse books

With the paucity of new releases this month, we thought we'd toss out a list of some of our favorite book series that may have flown under your radar over the years. Because what bibliophile doesn't love a nice, meaty saga you can really sink your chops into, especially with the days growing short and the weather getting colder?

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The 10 most spiritual Stephen King books


To the degree that almost all of King's works, to some extent or other, are about redemption and transcending evil, adversity and death, they are all spiritual. But the following books are the ones where we think the spirituality and mysticism come through in the most effective and entertaining ways.

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Follow the breadcrumbs to the frightening ‘Gretel and the Dark’

gretel and the dark cover detail

Eliza Granville’s 'Gretel and the Dark' combines magical realism and historical fiction to offer a unique perspective on the Holocaust. Granville weaves fairy tale motifs in with two narratives from different time periods, and the actions in one storyline invariable echo in the other. On the whole, the novel is a brilliant debut by a talented writer. 'Gretel and the Dark' is a frightening but ultimately uplifting modern fairy tale.

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‘How We Got to Now’ is a fascinating intersection between science, history and sociology


This book is truly fascinating and a must read for all who enjoy studying the intersection where science, history, and sociology cross. Johnson is a highly accomplished tangential thinker and is very adept at delineating the indirect, non-linear cause and effect.

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‘Full Circle’ is a must for fans of wrestling, the Olympics and sports politics

Full Circle wrestling

'Full Circl'e is a must for wrestling fans, as well as those with an interest in the politics surrounding international athletics. But the book is also a “how-to” guide for grassroots organization, demonstrating how a diffuse group with a strong passion overcame long odds in a short period of time. In 2013, wrestling fought off its back to score a come-from-behind victory, and 'Full Circle' gives you a matside seat for every thrilling moment.

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