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Paula McLain – The Paris Wife | Review


"The Paris Wife" is a meticulously researched account of the life of Ernest Hemingway's wife, Hadley, in Paris prior to the author's rise to fame. For an entertaining story, though, give me the glitzy, “sex-on-a-mink-coat,” jazz-age story of the Fitzgeralds any day over this one.

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100 Doors to Madness | Review


Casual readers of horror might not like "100 Doors to Madness" as it’s a bit too experimental. However, it is that same experimental nature that makes this worth picking up. It is an ambitious, original and valid collection, though only about a quarter of the stories really hit the mark.

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The Dinner │ Review


'The Dinner' commits the cardinal sin of not having any likeable characters. But if you go in forewarned and willing to absolve Koch of this transgression, the book is worth the steady, hard look it gives a number of unpleasant topics we’d rather not discuss.

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