‘And the Mountains Echoed’ the message of service


And the Mountains Echoed helps the reader to understand what a gift it is to be able to aid and positively impact someone’s life. The message it brings home is that if you are offered a door of opportunity to be of service, be sure to walk though.

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‘Venus on the Half Shell’ offers cosmic enlightenment through sex with aliens| review

'Venus on the Half Shell' is fun to read, and very interesting from the perspective of the history of science fiction. But from a feminine perspective much of the sex, and the accompanying quest for erudition, bears more than a passing resemblance to a sci-fi version of Erica Jong’s search for the “ultimate zip-less f**k.”

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George R.R. Martin releases new Game of Thrones story in ‘Dangerous Women’| review

Fiction anthologies tend to be a little uneven. Not Dangerous Women. Every piece in the collection is written by a heavy hitter with strong-selling novels under his or her belt. If you’ve had your fill of damsels in distress, I encourage you to give Dangerous Women a try.

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Bill Bryson remembers ‘One Summer: America,1927’ | review

Bill Bryson’s latest book, 'One Summer: America, 1927,' describes the major historical events of the summer of said year. But far from being dry history, Bryson’s writing brings it all alive, makes it vivid and captivates the reader without resorting to devices of historical fiction.

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Barbara Kingsolver – Flight Behavior | Review

In clumsier hands, 'Flight Behavior' would read as thinly-veiled pamphleteering. However, Kingsolver’s richly-drawn characters ensure that science takes a backseat to storytelling. Moreover, they illustrate that climate change is not a matter of vague consequences to be felt in the distant future, but rather a serious problem whose effects are already impacting ordinary people.

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Something More Than Night | Review


With the combination of a fascinating story, superior wit, and a traditional hard-boiled detective fiction plot swerve at the end, "Something More Than Night" makes for an all-around great read.

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