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REVIEW: ‘Matchup’ doubles the pleasure of summer reading

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'Matchup' is the literary equivalent to walking into a Ben & Jerry’s and sampling almost every flavor before deciding which one to load up your waffle cone up with. The thrill of meeting your favorite, well-known characters in unique circumstances is also akin to discovering something interesting and new about a long-time friend.

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REVIEW: ‘A Conjuring of Light’ recaptures the magic of ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’

V.E. Schwab returns to form in the third book of her Shades of Magic series. A Conjuring of Light picks up at the cliffhanger ending of A Gathering of Shadows (2016). I was a little let down by the slow pace, light tone and abrupt end to Gathering, but Conjuring recaptures the, ahem, magic from series debut, A Darker Shade of Magic (2015).

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The Apocalypse Book Club: May Selection – ‘The Sirens of Titan’

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The Apocalypse Blog Book Club picks a different dystopian-themed novel to read each month and has an online discussion, as well as an in-person meeting in Milwaukee. Different club members will write reports on our selections each month for Pop Mythology. You can find more on the club and join …

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REVIEW: ‘The Big Book of Girl Power’ is for the little super hero in your life

'The Big Book of Girl Power' hits so many positive themes: empowerment of women, early literacy development, positive role-models, and good parenting. For every household with a little girl growing up in it, this is one book that should be under the Xmas tree.

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Anne Rice’s casting picks (so far) for the Vampire Chronicles TV show

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Anne revealed a couple of her top casting choices for leading roles in the future Vampire Chronicles TV series. First and foremost, of course, would be Lestat himself. This role was initially played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 Neil Jordan film, Interview …

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