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REVIEW: ‘Theology and Science Fiction’ enlightens but needs more detailed analysis

'Theology and Science Fiction' is an accessible overview of how theology and sci-fi “speak” to one another. McGrath writes clearly and explains complex concepts effectively. But the book could have benefitted from more detailed analysis of specific examples from sci-fi to illustrate his points.

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Anne & Christopher Rice start a new Facebook page for the Vampire Chronicles show

Anne Rice and her son Christopher Rice, who is to be her writing partner while developing the Vampire Chronicles TV show, have started a new Facebook page that focuses exclusively on the future show. Specifically, it will be used to make announcements regarding the show and also to interact with …

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REVIEW: N.K. Jemisin is on track for more awards with ‘The Obelisk Gate’

The fight to assert one's humanity drives the narrative in 'The Obelisk Gate.' It is not merely a political aspiration but a deeply personal one, making the 'Broken Earth' series never feel polemical. N.K. Jemisin’s characters aren’t symbols; they are complex and conflicted human beings who want only to live in peace. But in the Stillness, as in the real world, sometimes you have to fight for peace.

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REVIEW: Luke Rhinehart and his hairy balls want to save humanity in ‘Invasion’

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Luke Rhinehart, author of the cult classic 'The Dice Man,' depicts an invasion of hairy balls from outer space who want to save humanity from themselves. While this is a frequently visited theme, it is Rhinehart's trademark humor and social and political incisiveness that make 'Invasion' stand out among other alien invasion stories.

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REVIEW: Jo Walton continues to pursue excellence in ‘Necessity’

The prolific Jo Walton returns with a sequel to 'The Just City' and 'The Philosopher Kings.' 'Necessity' completes the saga of gods and philosophers seeking to make Plato’s 'Republic' a reality. While it has an entertaining storyline, it is a missed opportunity in an otherwise exemplary and thought-provoking trilogy.

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Shadows gather in V.E. Schwab’s ‘A Gathering of Shadows’

The pace of 'A Gathering of Shadows' is slow up until the final pages when we get, in V.E. Schwab’s words, “the dreaded cliffhanger.” This makes it difficult to assess 'A Gathering of Shadows' for we won't know whether Schwab succeeded or failed until (at least) the third book in the series. But I’m certainly going to read it to find out.

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