Magic and science go to war in ‘All the Birds in the Sky’

'All the Birds in the Sky' features compelling characters working through complex problems and emotions. Charlie Jane Anders sometimes struggles to find the right tone, and the novel’s sillier parts feel out of synch with the apocalyptic conclusion. But on the whole, this is a thought-provoking marriage of fantasy and science fiction that sheds light on the real-world problem of environmental degradation.

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‘Prince of Nightmares’ wishes you sweet dreams

'Prince of Nightmares' is a fast-paced and cinematic horror novel. Rather than relying on shock value, McNee’s horror arises from thrusting interesting characters together in an unsettling setting. These characters face dangers beyond their control, but they are hardly blameless victims. For our nightmares are all in our heads—whom else can we blame for them but ourselves?

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‘Made to Kill’ is a pitch-perfect tribute to Raymond Chandler… with robots

'Made to Kill' is a pitch-perfect tribute to Raymond Chandler, but its unique premise builds on rather than merely imitates the work of the master. The novel zings along with spitfire dialogue and madcap action. This is a solid kickoff to a fun new series, and I look forward to reading the next Ray Electromatic Mystery.

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Our top 10 favorite books of 2015


At Pop Mythology, we are ardent devotees of what’s popularly known as genre fiction, particularly the areas of fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and horror. Here are our 10 favorite books from these genres from 2015.

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‘A Borrowed Man’ could have used a real woman


For all of his talent and novel-writing experience, Gene Wolfe still struggles to write female characters. In 2015, this flaw is so distracting that it drowns the interesting things 'A Borrowed Man' has to say about important issues like slavery, population control, disability, pornography and resource depletion. Like his narrator, Gene Wolfe is sadly a writer living outside of his own time.

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‘Ancillary Mercy’ brings the Imperial Radch trilogy to a successful end


Taken as a whole, the Imperial Radch Trilogy is a refreshing new take on the space opera genre, and Leckie’s vision of a gender-less future illustrates sci-fi's ability to shape worlds free of the inequities of ours. 'Ancillary Mercy' offers surprises up to the very end and successfully concludes this epic saga.

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