‘Bats of the Republic’ is hard to categorize, easy to enjoy


'Bats of the Republic' is a wonderfully original debut novel by Zachary Thomas Dodson. Billed as “an illuminated novel,” it is a remarkable physical object with gorgeous maps, illustrations and even a sealed envelope that holds the key to the novel’s conclusion. But Bats of the Republic is not gimmicky—the storytelling is every bit as strong as the visual layout.

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‘Luna: New Moon’ is an epic Western set on the moon

'Luna: New Moon' is a western that just happens to take place on Earth’s moon in the 22nd Century. Ian McDonald set the debut novel of his epic saga on a dangerous world with its own versions of a gold rush and range wars. This is a classic empire story about rival families looking to out-compete—and out-fight—each other for control of the moon’s natural resources.

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‘Ancillary Justice’ offers a compelling genderless future

Ann Leckie refreshes space opera tropes in 'Ancillary Justice' to create a unique world and genderless future. Not only doe the book succeed in rendering a spaceship human, it challenges our very notion of gender and does so with little more than a clever use of pronouns. Few works of literature boast of a similar achievement.

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If your reality is broken ‘SuperBetter’ can fix it


Like any self-development methodology, 'SuperBetter' won't necessarily be for everyone. But with warmth, clarity and intellectual rigor Jane McGonigal lays out a system that has and will continue to improve the lives of many, particularly those with a natural interest in games.

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