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Marvel hip-hop variant covers acknowledge link between comics and music

If you collected comics during the 80s and 90s you might remember some really cheesy comic-music crossovers like the embarrassing Nightcat.  But comics have certainly inspired music quite a bit, particularly the genre of hip-hop where songs often make various kinds of references to comic book characters (“Homie I’ll be …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 06/16/2015

It’s the variety of comics that I look forward to every week. Super heroes, adventurers, and others are representations of literature figures that entertain me or make me look at the world in different ways. I mean, how many times have you considered a moral dilemma from the perspective of …

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Captain Kirk’s weekly comic review – 07/01/2015

Happy Canada Day! Yup, as I write this, my family is fast asleep after a busy day of picking strawberries, making jam and watching fireworks in celebrating the 148th birthday of this great nation! I stole some strawberries, watched some fireworks but then I had comics to read. Yup … …

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‘The Loxleys and Confederation’ will help readers to see the greatness of Canadian history

'The Loxleys and Confederation' makes a difficult subject clear, relevant and interesting. It’s a perfect resource for history teachers and a great piece of comic art that tells a poignant and dramatic story allowing readers to see why Canada is such a great country.

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