Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 11/25/2015

There are some good titles this week. It’s a short list but that just gives me the time to focus more and give them their due attention. That’s the problem with comics: sometimes there are so many good ones to read – who has the time? Well, fortunately, you’re in …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 11/18/2015

Did you ever look forward to lifting the Chance or Community Chest cards when you played Monopoly? That’s what this week’s big list is like. Lots of number ones from Marvel and a new title from Image. I liked those cards – it was an act of random discovery; something …

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Captain Kirk’s weekly comic review – 11/12/2015

The comic delivery was delayed this week. It was Remembrance Day in Canada (Veterans’ Day in the States) and this Friday is Friday the 13th. That’s why you should always keep things simple. Sometimes things don’t work out so, keep things simple and they’ll be easy to fix in the …

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Captain Kirk’s weekly comic review – 11/05/2015

MARVEL COMICS Star Wars #11 I’m leading with Marvel’s heavy hitters this week. I’m late – I know, but life gets n the way of even comes sometimes and starting off with Marvel’s best simply seems easier to begin this week’s review! But this issue is a complicated assortment of …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 10/21/2015

Comics and sports are very similar with regards to the enthusiasts who follow them. True. That’s why you see sporting memorabilia sold at the same events where comic collectors can be found obsessing over their “got-its” and “need-its” to fill the holes in their collections. Whether it’s trading cards or …

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7 bat ways to celebrate Batman Day


Sept. 26 is Batman Day (same bat month, same bat day) and you know what that means: time to celebrate! Here are some ideas for how to do just that. 1. Enter DC’s official Batman Day sweekstakes   What better way to celebrate than to win free loot! Here’s the link to enter. …

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