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‘The Mercenary Sea, Vol. 1’: a pulp treasure as precious as the one its swashbuckling hero seeks


I've said this before in my singe issue reviews of The Mercenary Sea, but this is one of the best titles out there. In fact, I don't mean to boast, but if you look on the back cover of this trade paperback you'll see a quote from a previous review by yours truly in which I rave about how much I love it.

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Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Week: Sinestro #5


Take a look at Sinestro #5, written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Dale Eaglesham. I love the idea of a villain getting his own comic title (very retro seventies approach) but I love seeing Dale’s work leap out at me from the page. It’s simply stellar and I can’t allow this title to get ignored.

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Witness the best of Steve Rogers the man in ‘Captain America, Vol. 2’


If you’re a parent, I implore you to buy this book and give it to your kids. Raise them on Captain America because there are enough young people out there already who aspire to be like Tony Stark or Wolverine but not enough who aspire to be like Steve Rogers, and that is what we need more of.

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