Captain Kirk’s Log: comics are my blissful escape


Busy day today … get ready for work, take care of the kids, make supper, correct homework, take out the garbage and fix something wrong with the house. The usual stuff. Except today is Wednesday… and Wednesday is new comic day. Both the wife and girls know that this is …

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‘Batman Eternal’ Vol. 1 pulls off an epic weekly comic with finesse


Less a Batman title and more a Gotham title, 'Batman Eternal' pulls off a weekly, multi-writer, multi-artist epic story with a slew of protagonists with remarkable finesse. Fans of the Bat Family and others who call Gotham home (and even a couple who don’t) are bound to enjoy more than a few of the storylines, but only diehard fans will be able to enjoy everything the comic has to offer.

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‘Avengers: Electric Rain’ #9 [English translation]


While we do get a glimpse into White Fox’s origin story, we don’t really learn anything that’s helpful about linking the character to Avengers: Age of Ultron or any of the rumors swirling around there. Hopefully, more answers are coming down the pike!

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‘Avengers: Electric Rain’ #8 [English translation]


The 8th episode of 'Avengers: Electric Rain' is up and is starting to bring the team together. Episode 9 next week is the big one, though, as we’ve been promised we’ll get White Fox’s origin story there. The origin story may squash any speculation about a White Fox cameo in the upcoming Avengers movie or it may only bolster it.

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4 rules for maximizing your enjoyment of Marvel & DC comics


A key component to getting the most enjoyment out of any medium is understanding the rules that it operates under. Here are four rules designed to maximize your enjoyment of comics whether you’re new to them or are a long-time reader wishing to sustain your enjoyment of the medium.

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‘C.O.W.L.’ Vol. 1 masterfully weaves Chicago into its truly original superhero story


Just when I think there is nothing more that can be done with the “fights-in-tights” genre, 'C.O.W.L.' comes up with something truly original. In the tradition of 'Watchmen,' this book explores what a world with superheroes would really be like. It's a refreshing take on the superhero genre, with super-powered fistfights taking a backseat to bare-knuckle politics.

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The Batgirl next door: an interview with Babs Tarr

From her beginnings in the comic book world to who she’s most looking forward to penciling, one thing's for certain: Babs Tarr is proving she’s not just a flash in the pan. And your friendly neighborhood jman got the chance to talk to her recently.

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Rushed ending mars otherwise enjoyable ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ Vol. 1

wolverine and the x-men 1

The new 'Wolverine and the X-Men,' for better or worse, is a very different book from what it was with previous scribe Jason Aaron. Top notch art and a great lead up are thoroughly enjoyable, but writer Jason Latour doesn’t quite stick the landing because of a rushed ending to the first volume.

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