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Preview: An English translation of the first look at ‘Avengers: Electric Rain’


One of our previous posts mentioned that Marvel and the Korean web portal Daum has announced a partnership that would culminate in an exclusive Avengers webcomic set in Korea called Avengers: Electric Rain. It will be written and drawn by one of the most popular webcomic writer-illustrators at Daum, Yeong-Hoon Goh. Goh is well known …

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Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Week: ‘Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever’ #4

You may ask what my criteria are for my picks. Frankly, there are very little criteria, save that of the overall popularity of the material and my own personal subjective choices. But that’s literature for you. Everybody has their own personal likes and dislikes, and hopefully, my reading choices are …

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‘Fantastic Four’ Vol. 1 lives up to its iconic family-oriented title


The newly relaunched Fantastic Four comic by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk really does the title justice, is everything a long-time fan could ask for and is a great jumping-on point for anyone itching for a chance to find out what makes the Fantastic Four a major cornerstone of the Marvel Universe!

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‘DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe’ is a fun crossover of two beloved franchises | review


Overall, DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe isn’t a bad tale. The update to the Masters characters is certainly welcomed. If you’ve been reading the Masters of the Universe, or are a fan of them in general, then there’s no real reason for you not to pick up this book.

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