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Eric M. Esquivel shows sympathy for the devil in ‘Loki: Ragnarok and Roll’

If you get the chance, pick up Loki: Ragnarok and Roll. It’s a grittier representation of the Norse Pantheon that taps into the true violent nature of the Viking culture while also serving up a delicious slice of sardonic humour on the side. You can laugh at these gods instead of having their nobility and heroism rammed down your throat.

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Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Pull: Star Slammers #1

This will be the inaugural post for a new, weekly examination of my pull list from my local comic shop, sharing some opinion, a word or two about each comic and finally ending off with which one makes my pick of my pulls. Some weeks will be long and some will be short, but overall, we’ll try for regularity, and as we all know, regularity is our friend.

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‘Green Arrow Vol. 4’ establishes this title as one of DC’s best


Jeff Lemire’s first arc in the deconstruction of Green Arrow is riveting while Andrea Sorrentino’s art takes it to another level. Simply one of the best books at DC; whether you’re a fan of Green Arrow or not, this new creative team does more than breathe life into the series, they jump-start it and toss it out a window.

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