Witness the best of Steve Rogers the man in ‘Captain America, Vol. 2’


If you’re a parent, I implore you to buy this book and give it to your kids. Raise them on Captain America because there are enough young people out there already who aspire to be like Tony Stark or Wolverine but not enough who aspire to be like Steve Rogers, and that is what we need more of.

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‘Female Force: Anne Rice’ is a wonderful summation of the author’s struggles and triumphs


While it's impossible to truly do justice to its subject's life in just 28 pages, 'Female Force: Anne Rice' does as good a job as anyone could have. I got goosebumps numerous times while reading this comic and chances are, if you’re a fan of Anne Rice, you will too.

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‘Sex’ Vol. 2 gets down to dirty business

I still like Sex enough that I’ll read the next several issues (or the next trade paperback) at least. But my initial enthusiasm has shifted to a neutral wait-and-see attitude. I would like to see some of the many threads start to come together in a compelling and cohesive way. If not, then like our hero Simon Cooke I may have to move on.

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