The 12 best non-traditional, alternative superhero comics for jaded readers


Outside of Marvel and DC there are plenty of superhero titles right now that are virtually tailor made for jaded readers like you and me. And in this post I list twelve of them, twelve superhero comics that I’ve read to various degrees in a recent binge attempting to find ones that I found interesting.

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Hypnotic, mesmerizing ‘The Memory Collectors’ isn’t read – it’s experienced


'The Memory Collectors' is a work of superior quality that demands a reader’s full attention. You can go back and re-read this comic over and over again to gain the full effect of the various selected sensory experiences. The hypnotic appeal of the art is this comic’s greatest strength and, in those moments when you are contemplating its various effects, don’t be surprised if you experience the effect of being contemplated yourself.

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‘Hacktivist’ has noble ambitions but not enough time to crack its problems


I’m very appreciative of what Hacktivist is trying to do. Its task is a more difficult one than to simply entertain or make money because it is trying to do those things and much more. But despite its promise, with only four issues, it isn’t given a chance to better accomplish that task.

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Captain Kirk’s Pick of the Week: Lazarus #9


Lazarus is a completely unique story. The post-apocalyptic setting is completely acceptable; the characters are not only compelling but also amazingly detailed. In fact, everything about this comic is fully detailed, even down to the fake product ads inside or sometimes on the exterior of the comic.

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