‘Sex’ Vol. 2 gets down to dirty business

I still like Sex enough that I’ll read the next several issues (or the next trade paperback) at least. But my initial enthusiasm has shifted to a neutral wait-and-see attitude. I would like to see some of the many threads start to come together in a compelling and cohesive way. If not, then like our hero Simon Cooke I may have to move on.

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Hypnotic, mesmerizing ‘The Memory Collectors’ isn’t read – it’s experienced


'The Memory Collectors' is a work of superior quality that demands a reader’s full attention. You can go back and re-read this comic over and over again to gain the full effect of the various selected sensory experiences. The hypnotic appeal of the art is this comic’s greatest strength and, in those moments when you are contemplating its various effects, don’t be surprised if you experience the effect of being contemplated yourself.

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