You’re gonna dig ‘Black Dynamite’ baby | review


Nostalgia has gotten hold of me on this one. I want Black Dynamite to do well simply because it’s based on a damn funny source. It’s a larger-than-life character who can do some pretty larger-than-life things. But, in the end, for this story to succeed, Black Dynamite's gonna have to be ready to do some large-livin’! You dig?

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Peter Parker’s return in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ doesn’t surprise me, but it still thrills me

My hope for the kids who, wide-eyed with surprise and wonder, pick up their copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1 off the shelves is that gradually, on an unconscious level, they'll come to interpret Spider-Man's the way I interpret all superhero resurrections throughout comic history: as symbolizing the eternal return of the human spirit.

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God War #1-2 | Review


'God War' is worth a look. It’s an example of a working comic concept. It shows developing talent, creative commitment and I find it a fascinating examination of the progressive evolution of a work in action.

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