‘R.E.M.’ is a stunning journey into a hypnagogic world


'R.E.M.' is a great example of the wonderful, creative works that can be produced through unorthodox sources of capital like Kickstarter. The sum total of the well-crafted story and stunning artwork of this graphic novel is a reminder of how far comics have evolved as a serious creative genre.

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Batman/Superman | Review


Any British fan of American comics is going to love 'Batman/Superman' for the fresh perspective on classic characters. And any American fan should enjoy the opportunity to experience the unique presentation of the British comic publishing style.

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[Video] Batman Goes Postal in Times Square

As much as Batman may push the limits of what's acceptable in his tortured pursuit of justice, one thing he does not do is curse profusely and act like a thug in front of kids who look up to him. But that's exactly what this guy dressed up as Batman in Times Square does.

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Indestructible #1 | Review


'Indestructible' turns the whole concept of being in the wrong place at the wrong time into something quite entertaining and further demonstrates IDW's creative flexibility. It reminds us that superhero stories can and should be fun.

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Madefire Motion Books (Star Trek, Transformers) | Review


Madefire's motion book technology is a great way to appreciate these comics and IDW has done such a great job with presenting various incarnations of "Star Trek" as well as the new direction of "Transformers," that these are definitely comics to pick up, regardless of which generation you belong to.

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Dept. of Monsterology #1-2 | Review


The artwork in "Dept. of Monsterology" is impressive with fabulous drawings by Holden of a wide variety of monsters, and the concept of exploring obscure supernatural myths from a variety of cultures is excellent.

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Marada the She-Wolf | Review


If you haven’t encountered "Marada the She-Wolf" before, this is your chance to discover this lost treasure. It amazes me that it has taken this long for this wonderful, timeless collection to see the light of day again and to be presented to a new generation of readers.

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Numbercruncher #1-4 │ Review


'Numbercruncher's storyline itself is what you might call “trippy” but nonetheless enjoyable, with mind-boggling artwork and caustically humorous narration by the pinstripe suited-character Bastard Zane.

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The Iron King │ Review


Between the skill of the artwork and the story craft, The Iron King #1 is a very good start to what will hopefully continue to be a great series based on the books by Julie Kagawa.

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Razorjack │ Review


In 'Razorjack' John Higgins has created a truly imaginative world for his stories. His artwork is solid, his dialogue is fresh and engaging and the coloring is vibrant. However, the connections between the characters and the story selections are vague and lacking vital information to help us appreciate the stories as much as we could.

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