The Boy Who Saved Batman: An Interview With Michael Uslan


Michael Uslan is one of the most important figures in the comic book world – certainly among the few most influential people in the modern evolution of a certain character you might have heard of known as Batman. At a recent industry event, he was gracious enough to sit down for a brief but impassioned interview with Pop Mythology that had us brimming with goosebumps.

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Lost Planet: First Colony (#1-2) │ Review


'Lost Planet: First Colony' could succeed by either highlighting the ecological themes or by simply letting loose and having fun in true 'Starship Troopers'-style, so let’s hope these glimpses of promise we see begin to take center stage in forthcoming issues.

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It Came! (#1-2) │ Review


Although the story will need to add some more complexity if it is to carry future issues, the humor in 'It Came!' is first-rate and the artwork, done in a sort of cleaned-up 'Dick Tracy'-esque style, is very good.

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Logan’s Run │ Review


Bluewater Comics' treatment of 'Logan's Run' in these three collected volumes are all very much enjoyable in their own way, and as a whole they constitute one of those rare sequels that enhance and deepen the appreciation of fondly remembered source material.

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Lenore – Purple Nurples (Vol. 5) │ Review


If Tim Burton, Edgar Allan Poe, The Cure's Robert Smith, and the creative team behind South Park getting together to hash out ideas for a collaborative Seussian "children's" book sounds like a match made in Heck to you, then 'Lenore' is the comic you've been praying for.

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Insane Jane – Vol. 1 │ Review


The net effect of 'Insane Jane' is a rather sharp poke in the eye to the more formulaic superhero exploits and origin stories. Overall, there was quite a lot of ingenuity and talent here, but it fell a bit flat for me.

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If Superheroes Sued For Their Injuries

superheros-personal injury lawsuit

In this latest infographic, check out how much heroes like Wolverine, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and even villains like Two-Face (hey, wrong comic universe!) could be potentially worth if they were to file claims for their numerous and multiple injuries.

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The Mis-Adventures of Adam West: Graphic Novel #1


'The Mis-Adventures of Adam West' features a fictionalized-yet-somewhat-authentic Adam West (the real West served as a consultant to this comic) at the center of this meta-narrative is ideal, and it positions this series to critique both the general cookie-cutter crappiness of today’s action movies as well as the idealized masculinity of the 50s and early 60s.

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The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar: The Graphic Novel


What makes the story a lot of fun is a campy, sarcastic sense of humor in the dialogue, and the central part of the comic is drawn with a classic, nostalgic flair that perfectly correlates with the retro nature of the main character. 'The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar' made me wonder why I ever stopped reading comics.

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While it fills my dark little heart with glee to know that Vincent Price's legacy of horror is still going strong 20 years after his death, 'Vincent Price Presents' is a jumbled mess of a comic series does not do it justice.

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