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REVIEW: ‘Our Lady of Birth Control’ is a timely, important tribute to Margaret Sanger

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Margaret Sanger’s life story, from child of Irish immigrants to birth control education crusader, is un-put-downable. 'Our Lady of Birth Control' is an important book, especially during today’s tumultuous political times when resources like Planned Parenthood are being threatened.

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 02/01/2017

Surprises can make or break a comic. It’s all part of good storytelling, of course, but in order for surprise to work as a story development device, it has to be based in the proper context of characterization, backgrounds and established history of the comic. If these things aren’t arranged …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 01/25/2017

The theme this week is dynamic creativism. That’s just a fancy term I’ve made up to, quite simply, describe the relative levels of creativity that I’ve seen this week – and there are some really good examples. Image Comics Wayward #20 Wayward is a comic that really taps into the …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 01/04/2017

The first review of the New Year! Why isn’t there a band around when you need one? Seriously … too much to celebrate this holiday season, yet every new comic review is a chance for celebration. I’m extremely pleased with the selection I’ve managed to assemble tonight. There’s some epic …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 12/21/2016

The best part of the holidays is the anticipation. When the holidays arrive, sometimes you are too tired to figure out what to do with the time you’ve suddenly got in abundance. Do you sleep? Do you catch up on all your television or reading? For me, it’s the latter. …

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