Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 10/14/2020

One of my greatest gaming victories was a Games Workshop board game by the name of Adeptus Titanicus. Giant robots and futuristic warriors and weapons fighting in a future 40, 000 years in the future. In the real world though, painted plastic toys that you assemble yourself to create armies. …

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REVIEW: ‘Half Truth’ is smart fun for the whole family while social distancing

During this time of imposed isolation, we’re all looking for ways to connect with each other as we wait for the pandemic to die down. Half Truth is an entertaining game with simple rules but enough tricks to make for a challenging evening of fun and sharing with the family.

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Distanced D&D: A chat with Jeff Cannata of ‘The Dungeon Run’

  Right now, distancing practices and school closures are presenting obstacles in traditional educational delivery models. Students are cut off from their friends, their teachers and the traditional social interaction of teaching has now been remanded to contact via the internet on platforms like Google Classroom or videoconferencing. Curriculum packaging …

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INTERVIEW: ‘Critical Role’ actors discuss ‘Vox Machina’s massively successful Kickstarter

vox machina - critical role

The Critical Role phenomenon has taken the geek-world by storm. It’s gratifying to see that my childhood and adolescence … and university years … and latter adulthood gaming with other aging man-children have not gone to waste and that role-playing is still a viable way to spend time. The good …

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Anime MMORPG ‘Dragomon Hunter’ is like ‘Pokemon’ meets ‘Monster Hunter’

dragomon hunter

If you’ve ever wanted a game that fused together the monster capturing aspect of Pokemon with the crafting system of Monster Hunter, you’re in luck. Aeria Games has announced the upcoming Dragomon Hunter , an animestyle MMORPG that pits players and their friends against fearsome and fantastical creatures. With more than 100 monsters to track down, …

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