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Pop Vegas Gaming


Slot machines that feature pop culture references are becoming an ongoing trend with game developers. As such, many slots today are targeting the younger population by featuring arcade-like game plays and themes that feature popular TV shows, movies and comic book characters.

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Is Character Alignment Genetic?


A certain Character Alignment meme I recently ran into got me wondering about a possible genetic predisposition towards certain Character Alignments. Ok, let's collect data: RPG fans, what Character Alignment do you consider yourself to be in real life? And if you have a significant other, how about him/her? What about the kids?

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Hiroshi Yamauchi and the Nintendo ethos of beautiful simplicity

super nintendo

Under Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo proved that it takes vision to strip down a product rather than dress it up. It’s much more lasting and, pun intended, game-changing to focus on the basics. It’s also a lot more difficult. The line between refreshing and shallow, or exploitatively nostalgic, is thin. When simple goes wrong, game over. When simple goes right, game on.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us


'Injustice: Gods Among Men' is a beautiful and brilliantly executed game that puts control of a clash of the titans in your hands, and is as close to feeling like a superhero that you can get this side of extreme steroid abuse and a gallon of Red Bull. You WILL kneel before Zod.

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Pacific Rim: The Video Game


'Pacific Rim: The Video Game' is SO bad, I'm pretty sure that for every minute you play it, a kitten somewhere dies. It's the arcade equivalent of shoving $10 worth of quarters up your ass. Enjoy!

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DC Universe Online – Review


'DC Universe Online' is a solid MMO and it has enough unique features to make it new for anyone, even veteran MMO players. It features exciting combat, many great stories, allows players to fight alongside famous DC universe characters and it provides a wealth of content.

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