Hero Wisdom

How identifying with ‘The Walking Dead’ characters can help you to survive (and thrive)


I watch The Walking Dead for one reason and one reason alone: I identify with the characters in that show more than I can with most real people I meet. This sounds cynical but actually it's not meant to be. There are some important lessons hidden within this statement that help me to survive. And I think maybe they can help you too.

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Mythic soundtracks for when you feel like giving up


Here is a playlist of tracks from mythic soundtracks that I use personally. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to the pieces on this list. And while I use music from all genres to inspire myself for the sake of focus this post will stick to soundtracks. Consider it a sequel of sorts to my post on superhero soundtracks.

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In Punk We Trust: Why CM Punk Is An Inspiration


Even with every odd stacked against him, CM Punk has never given up nor let anyone else define him. He tells people he is the best and works everyday to prove it. And it is because of this that he succeeds. Of course, we can’t all be the Best in the World, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying.

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Iron Man Unplugged: The Importance of Being Tony

iron man 3

Iron Man 3 devotes a surprising amount of time to showing Tony without the suit, almost to the point where some viewers might be disappointed that he doesn’t spend more time suited up. Personally, I was thrilled because it shows an important lesson that I had hoped at least one of the movies, at some point, would show.

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