Hero Wisdom

The 10 Most Inspiring Superhero Movie Soundtracks

superman christopher reeve

Here's a list of the ten most inspiring superhero movie soundtracks. This is music to invigorate, motivate and speak to your inmost being. It aids me in my personal journey and I believe that if you listen to it with the conscious intent to better yourself in some way, they can aid you too.

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Between rage and serenity: Xavier and Magneto as your personal mentors

X-Men Charles and Erik

Somewhere between the two archetypes of Xavier and Magneto is the key to unlocking your potential. And balancing them just may be the key to reconciling your conflicting feelings and contributing to the world while protecting and looking out for your own interests at the same time.

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Thor: Claiming Your Godhood

One of the central ideas of this blog is that superheroes are our modern-day gods and demi-gods. They serve many of the same purpose for us as the pantheons of gods served for their respective cultures. I’m speaking here from a cultural and psychological viewpoint, not a theological or metaphysical …

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Arrow: A Quiver Full of Life Lessons

The bow and arrow is one of the most powerful symbols in human history and culture. Nearly every ancient civilization’s mythology has heroes and gods who favored the weapon: Artemis (Greece), Cupid (Rome), Arjuna (India) and Houyi (China). And there are beloved characters from folklore like Robin Hood leading up …

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Iron Man: Step Up to the (Metal) Plate

One look at Iron Man in both the comics and the movies and it’s not hard to see why, on the surface, he’s such a popular character: He’s rich, famous, good-looking, surrounded by cutting-edge technology, creatively and intellectually brilliant and armed with the funniest mouth in the Marvel universe next to Spider-Man. In short, he’s everything that women want and everything that men want to be.

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Heroes and Monsters: When Good Girls Go Bad

There's often a thin line between what separates heroes and monsters. If you think about it quite a number of horror/thriller movies are basically superhero stories gone wrong. This post will talk about a sub-genre (or more like a sub-sub-genre) of horror that I'll arbitrarily call "superhero horror" and the morals and lessons we can extract from them.

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The Amazing Spider-Man: Finding your power and knowing your responsibility

The primary message of Spider-Man the character, of course, has always been that “with great power comes great responsibility.” It’s a beautiful aphorism but the problem is that many people feel that it has little relevance for them because the last thing they feel like is powerful.

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Awakening the Hero Within Us

Though not usually consciously recognized as such by the majority of the media-consuming community, pop culture is myth in modern guise.The writings in this column, Hero Worship, will help you to see and recognize pop culture as modern mythology and to be able to use it - as all original myth intended - to awaken the hero within.

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