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INTERVIEW: Manu Intiraymi discusses ‘The Circuit,’ a fan film that fans can make

I’m a fan. I go to conventions; my heart literally skips beats at the thought of sharing a few moments of time with my fandom idols and I get euphoric when I’m in their presence. Yeah, I spend money to get into these events and I part with hard-earned cash …

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INTERVIEW: Actor Jeff Teravainen on the golden age of sci-fi TV

Jeff Teravainen

Dark Matter is presently one of SyFy Channel’s hottest science fiction series right now and Pop Mythology was really lucky to talk to one of the actors that make it such a memorable show. If you haven’t caught Jeff Teravainen’s performance as Lt. Anders on Dark Matter, then you might …

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INTERVIEW: Jonathan Frakes on librarians, gargoyles, comics and (of course) Star Trek


What’s Jonathan Frakes up to these days? You know, we tend to lose sight of the fact that Trek actors are professionals. Their Trek-related roles are not their lives – they’re part of their careers. Trek actors aren’t limited to those iconic characters that we fanatics eternally see them as, …

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INTERVIEW: Learning from former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter


I met former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter… and I shut up, I listened and I learned. I didn’t meet him the usual way that I normally meet comic book celebrities. I didn’t go to a con, approach his table, shake his hand and then get him to sign something. No, for this one …

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