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INTERVIEW: Learning from former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter


I met former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter… and I shut up, I listened and I learned. I didn’t meet him the usual way that I normally meet comic book celebrities. I didn’t go to a con, approach his table, shake his hand and then get him to sign something. No, for this one …

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INTERVIEW: Linda Park and the Antaeus Theatre Company’s enterprise for a new home


I’ve admired Linda Park for her performance as Ensign Hoshi Sato on Star Trek: Enterprise for a long time now. Imagine my joy when I got handed her phone number and told that she’s looking forward to chatting with me. Yeah… I was giggling like a typical Trek fanboy but the …

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Taylor Swift was already awesome before ‘Swiftmas’ 2014


For better or worse, celebrities do have a godlike power to affect their fans in ways both good and bad. Some celebrities just remember this better than others. Taylor Swift is among the celebs who not only remember this well but wield her power with an ingenious combination of genuine sincerity, creativity and a marketing savvy you can't help but respect.

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