For disabled veteran Ronald Seaman, cosplay is better than physical therapy

Name: Ronald “Spider” Seaman. “My friends call me ‘Spider.’” Why ‘Spider’? As a child, Seaman studied Tae Kwon Do and eventually competed. He used his legs more than his hands, and a bested opponent once described him as, “all feet…it’s like I was fighting a spider.” And the nickname stuck. Age: …

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Bullied Star Wars fan beats bulimia as a Princess Leia cosplayer

Since the age of 11 cosplayer Charlotte Harris was bullied by her schoolmates about her appearance and “puppy fat.” As a result she became unhealthily obsessed with her body image and became a bulimic. “I started forcing myself to throw up after every single meal, and rarely went out with …

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Getting schooled on cosplay at Fan Expo Canada by Yaya Han, Ivy Doomkitty, Nadyasonika & Kay Pike


To get a better sense of the emerging art form of cosplay, I sat down with four career cosplayers at Fan Expo Canada this week to get a sense of why they pursue this pop culture pastime. In the end, I came away with a better sense of what it’s about and a new appreciation for the different levels of enjoyment these professional artists possess.

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