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Ponyville Ciderfest 2017: Three days of MLP panels, cosplay and fun

The fourth annual Ponyville Ciderfest brought My Little Pony fans of all stripes together for three days of celebration, panels, and fun. I hung out with the Bronies, Pegasisters, and younger fans for a few days in Milwaukee. Check out some of my favorite highlights: 1. Two Fans Got Engaged! …

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For disabled veteran Ronald Seaman, cosplay is better than physical therapy

Name: Ronald “Spider” Seaman. “My friends call me ‘Spider.’” Why ‘Spider’? As a child, Seaman studied Tae Kwon Do and eventually competed. He used his legs more than his hands, and a bested opponent once described him as, “all feet…it’s like I was fighting a spider.” And the nickname stuck. Age: …

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5 things I’m looking forward to at C2E2 2017

c2e2 stan lee

This year, as a newbie cosplayer, I jump both feet first into the joyous pool of C2E2. I’m excited to rub elbows with my fellow geeks next week. Aside from the FUNimation bar at the Hyatt, here’s what I’m looking forward to the most: 5. We Are Cosplay In addition …

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BlerDCon 2017 to celebrate diversity in geek culture

There’s hardly a shortage of cons in the geek fandom world, but if you look closely, you’ll see a newcomer that celebrates its entire fandom – including the minority members whose contributions are many. BlerDCon (blerdcon.com) will be the first convention of its kind highlighting and showcasing the significant contributions …

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INTERVIEW: Manu Intiraymi discusses ‘The Circuit,’ a fan film that fans can make

I’m a fan. I go to conventions; my heart literally skips beats at the thought of sharing a few moments of time with my fandom idols and I get euphoric when I’m in their presence. Yeah, I spend money to get into these events and I part with hard-earned cash …

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