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‘Welcome to the Jungle’: they’ve got fun and games


Welcome to the Jungle is an entirely likable comedy that once again illustrates the timeless truism that so long as he can stop being a pushover, the smart nerd always wins and gets the girl while the coarse, aggressive d**khead gets his face righteously kicked by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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The Fantastic Four that time forgot

A new documentary, Doomed!, is coming that sets out to answer the question of why the Roger Corman produced Fantastic Four in the mid nineties was never released, and it's conspiracy almost as deep as the Kennedy assassination.

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The Wolf of Wall Street | Review

'The Wolf of Wall Street' was never going to be as universally appreciated as much of its creators’ previous work, but that’s kind of the point. It is meant to be ridiculous, both through its characters’ actors and through the fact that they are allowed carry them out.

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